Enrolment scheme

Netherton Primary School has been instructed by the Ministry of Education to manage its roll to prevent overcrowding by using an enrolment scheme.

Description of Netherton School Zone

Map of Netherton School Zone

Enrolment Application form

Living in the School Zone

  1. The school zone has been approved by the MOE after consultation with the school community and all neighbouring primary schools.

  2. The in-school zone is shown on the zone map.

  3. All students living in the school zone are not affected by the enrolment scheme.

  4. Parents/Caregivers who wish to enrol their children at Netherton Primary School,

- Need to make an appointment with the principal;

- Need to complete the Application and Enrolment Forms;

- Need to provide evidence of usual place of residence of main caregiver.

Living out of the zone

  1. Throughout the year the BOT will determine the number of places which are likely to be available for the enrolment of students for the following year and the number of ballots that will be held.

  2. If there are more applicants than places available for students out of the school zone, a ballot will be conducted under Section 11G(1) of the Education Act 2020. Applications for enrolment will be process in the following order (as determined by the Education Act):

- 1st priority: This category does not apply at this school because the school does not run a special programme approved by the MOE.

- 2nd priority: Siblings of current students.

- 3rd priority: Siblings of former students

- 4th priority: Children of BOT employees (school staff)

- 5th priority: All other applicants

  1. If the board receives fewer out-of-zone applications than there are places available, no ballot will be necessary and all applicants will be enrolled.

  2. Parents/Caregivers who wish to make an out-of-zone application for enrolment,

- Need to make an appointment with the principal well in advance of the advertised dates (* please see below).

- Need to complete the Application and Enrolment Forms prior to the advertised dates (* please see below).

- It is against the law to provide a false address in an attempt to get your child into a school with a zone that does not include your home. You must provide the address of the usual place of residence the main caregiver and student will actually live in.

  1. If you live out of zone and your child is unsuccessful in the ballot, you may still feel there are good reasons why the school should enrol your child. In this case, you can contact the Hamilton Ministry of Education office.


1. The BOT will determine each school term the number of students living out of the school zone that may enrol at the school. If a ballot is to be held (spaces are available);

2. The Board of Trustees must place a notice in a newspaper, circulating in the area and on the school website, stating:

- How many out-of-zone places are likely to be available

- The date by which applications for out-of-zone places must be received

- The date(s) of any ballot(s) for out-of-zone places.

Enrolment Information

It is strongly advised that parents/caregivers who wish to enrol their child/ren at Netherton Primary School make an appointment with the principal well in advance. We are happy to meet you and your child to discuss our learning programmes, the implication the enrolment scheme may have on your family (if out of zone) and show you around the school.

Parents/Caregivers who live out of the school zone will be provided by mail of the enrolment ballot procedures. This letter will state how places will be balloted as well as the date of the ballot.