Board of Trustees

Our school Board of Trustees is made up of 6 parents, our principal and a member of the teaching team. We call on other people and advice as required.

Trustees are Mark Murdock (BOT Chair), Deane Hughes, Ali Priest, Kenny Ross, David Rawnsley, Vennessa Silvester (Staff Representative) and Brook Hill (Principal).

Our board has a strong focus on providing a safe and happy learning and working environment.

All trustees welcome comment from parents, or members of the community, as to the strengths of our school and also any areas that could be improved.

Members of the school community are welcome to attend Board of Trustee meetings. Meeting dates are advised in the school newsletter.


We have policies in place to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the school. These have been formulated and ratified by the Board of Trustees and are regularly reviewed. All policies are aligned to the National Education Guidelines, set down by the Ministry of Education. Parents are always welcome to visit the school to read our policies and make contributions to their reviews. If a parent wished to have a copy of a specific policy this can be arranged by contacting the school. Guideline procedures are established to ensure policy direction occurs.