School Information




is to grow confident, connected, contributing, lifelong learners.

Like the Kahikatea tree, we stand tall with our roots in the Earth.

We take pride in ourselves, our community, our environment and our past.

Together we grow and learn.


which we will encourage, model and explore, are:

- living with integrity, and striving for excellence

- supporting inquiry and celebrating innovation

- acting with equity and respecting diversity

- participating and contributing positively

- showing care and taking responsibility


We are learning to

- communicate ideas, information and opinions effectively

- show respect for ourselves, other people and our environment

- use appropriate strategies to solve problems efficiently


Appointments with Teacher/Principal

We welcome you to come and discuss aspects of your child's progress with the teacher. Please call to arrange a suitable time. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to contact the school if they are concerned about aspects of their child's school life. Please make an appointment with the staff member involved, allowing reasonable notice for scheduling an interview. Teachers are also encouraged to maintain regular contact with parents.

Parent Help in School

Parents and their help are always welcome with the school. We have a number of areas where parents help is appreciated. If you would like to be involved please contact the school office or discuss the many options with a classroom teacher.

School Library

Our newly upgraded library is fully computerised and features a wide selection of fiction, picture books, non-fiction and magazines. Netherton School students are excited about reading and we think it is important to foster that love of reading and learning by having an inviting, interesting library environment. Over the past few years we have had a focus on buying books that are age appropriate and chosen to capture the children's interest. The library buying plan compliments the curriculum and the school library is used well by all students who regularly borrow books.

Book Club

The school is a member of the Lucky, Arrow and Star book club and regularly receives newsletters and order forms, which are sent home with pupils. The books are paperbacks at three different levels suitable for our students' age groups. When ordering, money must accompany the form, it generally take one week after the close of orders for the books to be received at our school for distribution. There is no compulsion to buy these books.

Inter-School Sports

We provide our children with the opportunities to socially interact through a number of sporting activities with children from surrounding schools and our Ohinemuri Cluster Group. This means we hold joint tournaments in the codes of touch rugby, netball, hockey, cross-country, swimming, athletics, soccer, rippa rugby, rugby, and ki-o-rahi.

Calf Club

Our annual Calf Club is held in the middle of October each year. Children are encouraged to raise calves, lambs or goats each spring. This enables the children who have raised and cared for a pet to culminate their efforts by showing this animal at our Calf Club Day. Town children are given the opportunity of raising a pet on one of our local farms. Children can then go on to compete at Group Day where they compete against other children from the area.

Children also have the opportunity to particulate in our annual flower show day which is run in conjunction with calf club. This is where children complete a number of displays (such as a sand saucer, decorated biscuit, and a natural creation to name a few).

Sick Bay

We appreciate you keeping your child at home if they are unwell. If children become sick during the day, parents will be contacted to come and collect them. In the case of a child requiring immediate medical assistance, we will contact parents whenever possible. First aid treatment will be given in cases of minor accidents. It is essential that the school be notified of any condition that should be taken into account when treating children for minor injuries or ailments.

Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse is a friend of our school and calls regularly. She is able to follow up on health problems at the request of either parents or the school. As part of their role, the PHN carries out medical checks on all new entrants, who have not had this done before. Parents are notified in advance and invited to be present. They will also check immunisations and work with teachers to assist the school health programmes.

Te Korowhai Hou Ora O Hauraki Mobile Clinic

The mobile clinic visits our school occasionally with registered Nurses who provide a free service to children and community members. Parents are advised prior to the arrival of the clinic. Parents are also requested to complete and sign a referral sheet for their child to attend the clinic.

Hearing/Vision Testing

Area Health Board Representatives carry out hearing and vision tests on all students in their first year at school and at intervals after that. Parents and teachers are able to request tests on children that are not otherwise due for a routine test when testers are in the school. Parents will be notified when these are available through the school newsletter.

Dental Therapist

We have a Dental Therapist based at our school annually. Dental checks are carried out as required. Pupils are called from their classrooms.