About Netherton School A-Z


We take our responsibility for children’s safety seriously, if your child will be absent from school please phone the office to inform of the reason for absence.  An absence book is kept and parents will be contacted promptly for unexplained absence.


Years 0-4 have a junior assembly once a fortnight, they share their learning, sing and have notices relevant to the junior school.  Whole school assembly is held weekly on Thursday at 11.45.  Children receive certificates for their achievements, share learning, and have school singing.

Appointments with Teachers or the Principal

We welcome you to come and discuss your child’s progress with the teacher. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to  contact the school if they have any concerns.  Please make an appointment with the staff member involved, allowing reasonable notice for scheduling a meeting.



The school bus is free to children who start Netherton School as New Entrants, or to children living within the Netherton Zone and who are eligible.  Private taxi buses are also available for children coming from town and around the district.  Contact details are available from the school office.


Calf Club

Our annual Calf Club is held in the middle of October each year.  Children are encouraged to raise calves, lambs or goats each year.  This enables the children who have raised and cared for a pet to culminate their efforts by showing this animal at the annual calf club.  Children who do not live on farms are given the opportunity of raising a pet on one of  our local farms.  Netherton School is proud to have strong participation numbers each year, Calf Club is a community event and is central to the Netherton Community.


School camp is on a triennial rotation; water, bush, city.  All children have the opportunity to participate, the junior school usually go on a day trip, sometimes staying one night (or 2 for the year 3/4 children).  Years 5-8 usually stay away for a minimum of 3 nights, a maximum of 5.


Years 5-8 have the option of purchasing a Chromebook to use for their learning.  These are available from Noel Leeming, the Thames branch is aware of our agreement and is the preferred store. Chromebooks can also be purchased online from PBTech.  Currently the preferred model is the HP Chromebook, however, this is subject to change as technology is updated.  Please check with the school before purchasing a Chromebook.


Dental Therapist

We have a Dental Therapist based at our school annually. Dental checks are carried out as required. Pupils are called from their classrooms. When a Dental Therapist is not in residence please phone Paeroa Central School Dental Clinic 862 8348.


Enrolment Scheme

Netherton School has an enrolment scheme in order to manage numbers.  Details of the school zone and procedures to enrol can be found on this website, www.netherton.school.nz; alternatively, make an appointment with the Principal to find out more about the school and the enrolment process.

Enviro School

Sustainable practices are promoted and expected at school.  Children take responsibility for rubbish, recycling, food scraps, worm farming, composting, gardening and many other aspects of daily school life.  The Enviro Team work with teachers to prepare a vision each year to present to the board of trustees.  This provides a 'map' for the school.

Enviro Stall

Once a month, on the last Friday of each month the children hold an Enviro Stall.  They sell produce grown at school, crafts and baking they bring from home and any surplus produce from the community.  The children get 50% of their takings and 50% goes to the 'Enviro Team'.  



Netherton School encourage healthy eating.  'Nude Food' is promoted to reduce packaged and processed food.  No lollies or fizzy drinks/sugary drinks are allowed at school. Occasionally there is an exception to this rule if there is a special day or 'treat day'.  Subway can be ordered for lunch on a Wednesday, the children receive a 6 inch sub and a cookie for $5.  Orders need to be into the office on Tuesday.




Netherton School participates in the annual Hockey Big Day Out in Ngatea.  The school has several teams each year that participate in Saturday winter hockey.  


Our day begins at 8.50, the school day ends at 2.40pm (due primarily to bus availability).  We have a 45 minute lunch time to compensate for the early finish to the day.  


Inter-School Sports

We provide our children with the opportunities to socially interact through sporting activities with children from surrounding schools and our Ohinemuri Cluster Group.  This means we hold joint tournaments in the codes of rugby, touch rugby, netball, hockey, cross-country, swimming, athletics and soccer. 

Information Communication Technology

Netherton School recognises the need for children to have good access to Information Technology.  We are committed to enabling our students to learn to use technology as a tool.  The Board of Trustees have worked to provide a pod of Chromebooks that are used in the junior classes.  The school has a strong wireless network with ultra-fast broadband.  In 2014 the BOT have introduced 1 to 1 computing in years 5-8 of the school.  Each child in years 5-8 has the option of (and we have a 100% uptake) purchasing a Chrome Book to be used in class for areas of their learning.



Kahikatea Project

As part of being an Enviro School, children grow native plants and are working together with local land owners to underplant Kahikatea Stands.  We have underplanted three local stands and have a further three that are due to be planted during autumn and winter 2017 and beyond.



Our school library is fully computerised and offers a wide selection of fiction and non fiction books.  The library is an important component of children’s learning and the children have regular access to books.  The children are expected to issue books regularly and home reading is actively encouraged.

Lost Property

Teachers do not pick up after children.  We teach children to manage themselves and care for their belongings.  However, when belongings are not claimed they are put in a box outside the office.  Children regularly display lost property for collection at assembly.  We strongly advise that all items of clothing are named, this ensures that belongings are returned to the correct family.




Netherton School has teams entered into the Paeroa Netball winter competition each year.  



Parent Help in School

Parents/Grandparents/Whanau and their help are always welcome with the school.  We appreciate the time and expertise given by our parent helpers, if you are interested in being involved in the classroom, please contact the school office.

Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse is a friend of our school and calls regularly.  She is able to follow up on health problems at the request of parents or the school.  As part of their role, the PHN carries out medical checks on all new entrants, who have not had this done prior to beginning school.  Parents are notified in advance and are invited to be present.  They will also check immunisations and work with teachers to assist the school with immunisation programmes.




Special Needs/Gifted and Talented Students

Netherton School is committed to providing all students with a rich and balanced education, children are extended and supported when needed.  Netherton Schools Board of Trustees provide funding for teacher aides and/or part time teachers for specialist programmes.  We have taken advantage of Ministry of Education funded contracts over the past two years and used expert teaching in order to support the learning of children who were below expectations; these programmes have shown excellent results. 

Sick Bay

We appreciate you keeping your child at home if they are unwell.  If children become sick during the day, parents will be contacted to come and collect them.  In the case of a child requiring immediate medical assistance, we will contact parents whenever possible. First aide will be given in cases of minor accidents.  It is essential that the school be notified of any condition that should be taken into accordance with children for minor injuries or ailments.


Touch Rugby

Most students participate in the Paeroa Touch Rugby tournament each year.  The school enters 6-8 teams each year into the competition, all children are encouraged to participate.  The season is usually 7 weeks long and is in the fourth term.



At Netherton School we have a compulsory school uniform.  The polar fleece is maroon in colour with a gold Netherton School logo embroidered on the chest, the polo shirt is gold with maroon embroidery.  All children are expected to wear black shorts, skirts or pants.  Paeroa Embroidery stocks our uniform, this is located next to 'Linn Motors' in Paeroa.   The school uniform is also available for purchase from the school office in limited quantities.  A uniform bucket hat is compulsory in terms one and 4 and is available for purchase from the school office.   A school jacket is available from the school office.



Winter Sport

All children are encouraged to participate in a winter team sport.  The school has netball and hockey teams.  Paeroa and Ngatea have club soccer, rugby and rugby league teams.